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Function of Sport Centre

Function of Sport Centre

  1. Develop and cultivate sports for the campus community through the management of sports activities within the University.
  2. Planning and implementing high-performance sports development programs systematically and continuously through the UPM-MSN program, KPM's main programs, the Rugby Sports Excellence Program, the Archery and Sports Focus Sports Center and the UPM sports development program.
  3. Responsible to fullfill the National Sports Policy and IPT Sports Policy through event management and involvement of UPM athletes in MASUM, SUKIPT, National and International Sports Championships.
  4. Manage the infrastructure and facilities for sports programs for UPM student and staff programs, academic programs and leasing to external agencies.
  5. Athletic self-development through sports mobility programs, sports leadership, volunteering, support clubs, development of sports clubs, Sports Therapy and sports development education.
  6. Managing athlete welfare matters such as student academic management, sports scholarships, student athlete enrollment and awards and incentives.

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