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MySaddaqah Musolla@Pusat Sukan

Musolla Construction Contribution at Universiti Putra Malaysia Sports Center

 The UPM Sports Complex Musalla Construction Project is a joint venture between UPM Sports Center and Wakaf, Zakat and Endowment Management Center (WAZAN). This project focuses on the construction of a Surau or Musalla for the use of athletes (including visitors) at home and abroad which fulfilling the responsibility to pray. This construction is very necessary as the existing Musalla is small and can not accommodate the number of users, especially those involving the organization of programs or large events in the sports complex. To realize this noble endeavor, WAZAN has agreed to create the UPM Sports Complex Musalla Project Fund by providing an initial fund of RM70,000.00. Meanwhile, the remaining RM180,000 will be made through sincere
contributions from various parties including UPM residents, Serdang parishioners and the outside community. Your contribution can be made as low as RM5.00 and your contribution is eligible for income tax exemption under Section 44 (6), Income Tax Act 1967 (Reference No: LHDN.01 / 35/42/51 / 179-6, 1888). In this regard, we are very grateful to ask for your sincerity to contribute thus realize the mission of building this very pure Musalla.